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Will I pay a fee?
FX Squared Limited will not charge our clients any fee.

What Currencies can I deal with?
We are able to deal with a wide range of currencies for you. Click to see a complete list of currencies (PDF 188KB).

How long does it take?
As soon as your funds hit our settlement account we will release the currency with the soonest value date possible. With most major currency pairs this will be the same day. Ask your account executive for when the beneficiary will receive the money.

How will I know when a payment has been sent?
You will receive a bank confirmation for as soon as the transaction has been processed.

FX Squared Limited is a company registered in England (no: 07944748). We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (no: 744982) and fully compliant with the HM Revenue & Customs and Money Laundering Regulations.
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